La Mère Poulard Group

Tourism in Mont Saint-Michel

banniere-mini-tourismeA thousand years of history, faith, and talent have shaped the “Wonder of the West” as a masterpiece of world heritage.

It was in 708 that the Archangel Saint Michel appeared before Bishop Aubert and commanded that a sanctuary be built on Mount Tombe, an island in the middle of the bay that was touched by the highest tides in the world.

Mont Saint Michel was then born and for a thousand years the ever more beautiful and bold buildings would continue to create a unique and wonderful architectural ensemble.

All around the monastery, the spiritual and cultural center, pilgrimage and devotion, citadel and prison, Mont Saint Michel has become a rich thread in the history of France and the Christian West.

In honor of its prestigious past, in 1972 Unesco classed Mont Saint-Michel as a masterpiece of world heritage.

La Mère Poulard has profoundly influenced French cuisine and is part of the heritage of Mont Saint Michel and France.


It was in 1888 that Annette Poulard created her inn at Mont Saint Michel in the heart of the medieval city of the Wonder of the West.

Annette Poulard was quickly recognized for her immense talents. Some seven-hundred recipes she created during her long career earned her the honorary title of “Mother” that distinguishes exceptional cooks, this is how the name of “La Mère Poulard” was born.

Known the world over for her famous omelette, La Mère Poulard is still an institution of French gastronomy thanks to her varied cuisine, both inventive and light that combines tradition, simplicity and modernity.

In 2016, the La Mère Poulard restaurant remains one of the most famous restaurants both in France and around the world; celebrated by some 3 million French and foreign visitors who come each year to Mont Saint-Michel.

The combination of an exceptional character – La Mère Poulard, ambassador of French culinary art – and an exceptional city – Mont Saint-Michel, the first French site of natural and cultural world heritage classified by UNESCO – constitutes the foundation and international brand awareness of La Mère Poulard and its sustainability.

It’s on this solid Foundation that Eric Vannier, A child of Mont Saint-Michel, and chairman of La Mère Poulard Groupe, for the past 30 years has been developing a hotel group and restoration project (including La Mère Poulard hostel as its flagship)


Today, on the mainland facing Mont Saint-Michel, the La Mère Poulard Group comprises 3 hotels and 3 restaurants :


Inside the walls of Mont Saint-Michel, the La Mère Poulard group now includes 3 hotels, 4 restaurants, 1 café, 3 take-out spots, 8 gift shops and 3 museums.