La Mère Poulard Group

Eric Vannier Chairman of La Mère Poulard Group

Eric Vannier is the Chairman of Groupe La Mère Poulard and has developed the group in three branches of activity: tourism with hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums and shops at Mont Saint-Michel; The food industry with La Mère Poulard Biscuits; and the development of international licensing in Asia and the world.

In 1986, Eric Vannier became the owner of the famous La Mère Poulard Hostel to Mont Saint-Michel. This famous restaurant in France and around the world, Eric Vannier developed the La Mère Poulard Group today that comprises thirty hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and museums in Mont Saint-Michel.


In 1998 Eric Vannier diversified into the food industry and created La Mère Poulard biscuits, that develops traditional recipes from the famous cook of Mont Saint-Michel. La Mère Poulard is now a must-have brand of French supermarkets where it is present in many stores and exports its products to over 70 countries around the world where the quality and reputation of the brand are recognized.

In 2010, Eric Vannier initiated international license development in Asia and around the world. Asia was the first step in the international development strategy because La Mère Poulard has developed many years of economic and trade ties with countries of the area.


Eric Vannier was also the Mayor of Mont Saint-Michel for 25 years and a driving force behind the Grand Project (inaugurated in the spring of 2015) to restore the Mont’s maritime character. This major project will revive the unique and universal character of Mont Saint-Michel – breathing life into the childhood vision of Eric Vannier.